The business benefits of Microsoft’s Power Platform

The business benefits of Microsoft’s Power Platform

PowerApps is Microsoft’s Low Code/No-Code platform. It is a powerful enterprise tool used to; create business applications, automate legacy processes, create business dashboards, deploy bots and virtual agents, and integrate legacy and modern systems and data.

The platform consists of 5 tools; PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Power Bi, Power Virtual Agent and the Common Data Service and most of the functionality is bundled with your Office365 licenses.

It is touted as the answer to stalled digital transformation efforts. This all sounds cool, but what is the actual business value?

We argue the value is tangible, and significant.

Top 5 business benefits for the Power Platform:

  1. A 70% reduction in development costs

    In a 2019 study done by Forrester, the average cost to develop an application with PowerApps and Power Automate is 70% less than traditional development methods. This included internal development effort, use of Professional Services, license costs and connectors. The ability to use pre-existing templates and low code tools. Has a massive impact of costs.

  2. Over 50% savings in licensing costs

    The same study found that the ability to quickly develop an application using PowerApps such as an Expenses application, can allow organisations to get rid of paid Vendor application subscriptions. There are many examples of these.

  3. Automated and Streamlined processe

    By digitising and automating manual and or paper-based forms and workflows, you reduce time spent on manual tasks, you get reduced time to market and happier staff and clients.

  4. Better and faster decisions from current and actionable data

    The ability to use PowerApps and Power Automate to enable better and faster collection of data from mobile and remote staff, then to automatically input this data into easy to create, use and interpret Dashboards using Power BI is transformative for businesses and far better than the usual plethora of manual and outdated Excel spreadsheets.

  5. Securely support a mobile and remote workforce

    Now almost everyone is remote and mobile. Legacy applications typically do not have broad web and mobile app support. The Power Platform natively supports most web and all iOS and Android platforms out of the box. In addition, it is more secure than typical mobile development as it is integrated with Azure AD and has a broad range of fine grained DLP and Security options.

Getting started with the Power Platform

The use-cases and benefits for organisations are limitless. At times it can be difficult to start. Empyrean’s philosophy is to meet our clients wherever they are at in their journey with the Power Platform and to help them progress simply and efficiently and get the maximum value from the platform. If you are starting out, we offer the below and have other services if you have already begun your journey.

We're offering a Proof-of-Concept engagement to help you get started with the platform.

The purpose of this engagement: To obtain rapid value from Power Apps, Power Automate and the Power BI platform to demonstrate how it can digitally transform your business.

Scope: We will create a Power Apps, Power Automate, and CDS solution using your business requirements and show how all three technologies work together to give you a modern business application solution that runs on any platform. This Proof of Concept implementation can be expanded to your production environment.

If you are interested in exploring this or learning more about the Power Platform, please call, or complete our contact form.

Josh Rubens - Director

Josh Rubens - Director

Empyrean Director, Co-Host of long-running Leading IT Podcast, formerly Deloitte.


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