Cloud Solutions Group Rebrands

Cloud Solutions Group Rebrands

Cloud Solutions Group Rebrand

Empyrean elevates cloud and IT consultancy to new heights: Unveils rebranding from Cloud Solutions Group.

In a strategic move to align with the evolving dynamics of the IT landscape, Cloud Solutions Group, a stalwart in Cloud and IT consultancy services, proudly unveils its transformation and rebranding as ‘Empyrean.’

In a strategic move to align with the evolving dynamics of the IT landscape, Cloud Solutions Group, a stalwart in Cloud and IT consultancy services, proudly unveils its transformation and rebranding as ‘Empyrean.’

Established in 2010 on the brink of the cloud computing revolution, the company quickly became a pioneering force in the industry. In 2015, Cloud Solutions Group reached new heights as it was acquired by Deloitte, a Big 4 global consultancy firm. For the subsequent five years, the team delivered complex transformation programs for global brands, gaining invaluable experience.

In 2020, recognising the imperative to adapt to the rapidly changing IT environment, Cloud Solutions Group chose to end their partnership with Deloitte to reboot their independent consultancy. The company committed itself to assisting mid-market clients in navigating digital transformation and achieving success in a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

Over the past 12 months, the company has undergone significant evolution, expanding its capabilities to include AI, Automation, and Cyber Security. Noteworthy hires in Business Process Automation and Cyber Security, along with substantial investments, have fortified the company’s position as a leader in the industry.

The team placed strategic emphasis on bolstering its AI capabilities, and building their capability with technology such as Microsoft, OpenAI, and Nvidia. This initiative enables their clients to harness the power of AI at a price point that was previously unachievable.

In the realm of Cyber Security, the addition of industry expert David Stevenson has led to the launch of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service. Clients can now gain a strategic edge by leveraging deep knowledge and experience to enhance their cybersecurity programs without the overhead of a full-time executive, ensuring adaptability to evolving security needs.

Cloud Solutions Group Rebrands to Empyrean

To reflect its transformative journey and expanded focus beyond the cloud, the company has decided to rebrand as Empyrean, a term synonymous with ‘above the clouds.’ 

The name change underscores the company’s commitment to helping clients soar to new heights in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Empyrean retains its core structure and team, maintaining a staunchly independent point of view. The company remains technology-agnostic, driven solely by the objective of delivering tailored solutions for every business. Its comprehensive offering includes IT and AI Consulting, Managed services, Business Automation, and Procurement, with capabilities spanning AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365, GCP, and on-premises infrastructure.

Josh Rubens continues to helm the company as its CEO. In addition to his executive responsibilities, Rubens co-hosts long-running podcast, ‘Leading IT APAC Insights,’ alongside Tom Leyden, CIO of Longview.

‘Leading IT’ provides a platform for industry leaders to delve into unique and valuable insights. The podcast serves as a dynamic forum, exploring current trends from both sides of the vendor-client paradigm. Rubens and Leyden navigate and dissect timely and relevant topics, including Cloud, AI, Cyber Security, Infrastructure Strategy, and Leadership. The show’s mission is to equip IT leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate emerging threats and opportunities in IT.

Empyrean invites IT leaders to join them on a journey beyond the clouds in 2024 and beyond. As a trusted IT partner, Empyrean is poised to lead clients towards success by continuously adapting and improving, ensuring they use the right technology for their unique business needs.

Josh Rubens - Director

Josh Rubens - Director

Empyrean Director, Co-Host of long-running Leading IT Podcast, formerly Deloitte.


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