Why migrate to SharePoint Online

With many file share systems now out of support, now is the time to consider your file share strategy.

Why migrate to sharepoint online

SharePoint Online benefits

Here’s what you can expect when you migrate to SharePoint Online from a traditional file server or a classic SharePoint site:

Is your file share vulnerable?

Take the file share risk assessment.

  • Enable remote work and enhance productivity for your team – wherever they have an internet connection.

SharePoint Online has powerful search capabilities and you can also use filters, metadata, and refiners to refine your search results.

SharePoint Online supports both use cases. Co-author documents in real-time using web versions of Office apps or Microsoft Teams.

Alternatively, check-in and check-out prevents multiple users from editing the same document at the same time to avoid conflicts or data loss.

You can always restore previous versions or recover deleted files. You can also set retention policies and labels to manage the lifecycle of your content, making it easier to follow regulatory or compliance requirements.

You can store your content in a single space and share it with others using permissions, links, or Microsoft 365 groups.

Fully customisable to suit your needs – use modern web parts, themes, layouts, and templates to create custom sites. You can also use workflows, forms, and automation tools to streamline your processes.

M365 Archive allows you to archive content to minimise storage costs.

Sharepoint digital files

Migrating to SharePoint Online is not a simple task, but it is worth the effort and investment. Your custom, intelligent, mobile-ready intranet will boost the collaboration, communication, and efficiency of your team.

How to migrate to SharePoint Online

You can use migration tools to undertake the work yourself. However, there are many scenarios when engaging a specialist IT consultancy will significantly improve outcomes.

There are many SharePoint migration tools currently available, a few years ago each tool had unique features that drove the buying decision whether it be Speed, Workflows, or Cost. Nowadays most tools are almost identical when it comes to supporting sources, versioning, and permissions. The differentiator is now support and service that comes with the migration.

The moving house analogy

Think of the tool as the moving company: Sometimes the drivers will box up and unbox your belongings, or simply pick it up and drop it off. They may use a small truck with many trips or 1 large truck with a single trip, the more furniture (data) – the longer the process.

In those cases, there is still a lot of work for you to do. If you want to everything in its place and ready to use, then an interior decorator meets with you to discuss your outcomes and works with the moving tools to deliver that outcome.

A consultant’s role is to understand the moving requirements, and plan how the data will fit into the new location.

When to engage a file share migration consultant

If your business fits any of the following criteria, it’s worth talking to a consultancy:

Talk to us about SharePoint.

Empyrean has helped many businesses with their migration to SharePoint Online.

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