Power Apps example – Kindness Collective FoodBank

Power Apps example – Kindness Collective FoodBank

The client

The Kindness Collective Kyneton helps those in need within the local community through their Free FoodBank, Op Shop, Drop-in Space, Soup Kitchen & Crisis Relief.  

Demand for the Free FoodBank service has seen it grow to provide support to over 600 people in the region per month. Previously, they relied on a spreadsheet to manage the FoodBank. But as they scaled, they found it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage their inventory, monitor usage, and create reports. The FoodBank also wanted to improve their security practices, as they store customer information within the system. 

The Kindness Collective approached Empyrean to help them develop a solution to optimise how they manage and track the FoodBank’s operations.  

Empyrean worked with The Kindness Collective to understand their needs and translate them into practical requirements. Then, Empyrean leveraged Microsoft Power Apps to quickly build an application that meets the business needs.  

The new Power App enables staff to easily:

  • Manage the business  
  • View and assess data 
  • Track trends 
  • Create reports 
  • Predict traffic 
  • Anticipate stock levels and staffing needs 
  • Secure customer data by limiting access and implementing password controls 

Power apps portal outcomes:

The app provides The Kindness Collective with a streamlined process to manage their food bank operations. The app is user-friendly, making it much easier for team members to input information. The app also provides more accurate and reliable data, improves privacy, and delivers better reporting capabilities. The team can now produce reports from the app, making it easier to provide board reports and supplier feedback. Planning has also been improved as the team is able to predict traffic, which informs their rostering and stock levels. 

By building a solution with Microsoft Power Apps, Empyrean was able to deliver a cost-effective and tailored solution that was designed, built, tested and deployed within 4 weeks. 

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