Your business security is non-negotiable.

So, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to meet your IT security requirements and maintain your defences against rapidly evolving threats.

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We make security work harder for our customers

Engage our experienced cyber security experts to assess your posture and provide advice on hardening your defences. We have in-house CISO level talent who can guide your security strategy, as well as a team of specialists to implement and manage key security services as needed.

Empyrean will fortify your network with cutting-edge firewalls, intrusion prevention, and endpoint security. Our vigilant SIEM monitoring, data segmentation, and stringent access protocols ensure a resilient defence against security threats, bolstered by our rapid incident response.

Proactively identify concealed vulnerabilities, and test your defences against known and emerging attack scenarios, with Empyrean’s Penetration Testing as a Service. We’ll assess your attack surface and potential weaknesses, to provide a strategic roadmap for enhanced security maturity, ensuring comprehensive protection and preparedness against evolving threats.

We offer robust endpoint security protection and operational integrity by putting protocols in place to only allow applications that meet stringent security standards. Our services also include continuous updates of whitelists and policies to align with evolving software needs and business goals.

Discover, classify, and protect personal and sensitive information wherever it resides within your environment. Our security experts will scrutinise Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and file shares to pinpoint vulnerabilities. The findings will be presented in a detailed report with identified risks and strategies to fortify your data security.

Our managed cyber security services provide vigilant monitoring and swift incident response to protect your digital assets. Benefit from our expertise in SIEM, SOC, and Vulnerability Management to detect threats early and maintain system integrity. Our Endpoint Detection and Response ensures network security, while Threat Intelligence informs strategic decisions.

Cyber Security Consulting Australia

Our unique cyber security consulting approach

Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover.

Implement a 360º security posture that prioritises ease of management across each of the five pillars – from identification through to recovery.

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The process of building our Power Apps base has been very easy. Empyrean adopted familiar Microsoft technologies and leveraged some of our existing Microsoft Office assets, so it’s been a very low-cost, quick to market solution.

Daniel Lodder
Head of Enterprise IT, Kubota ANZ


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