Local government digital transformation

Local government digital transformation

Bass Coast Shire Council digital transformation.

The council engaged Empyrean to automate their business processes with Microsoft Power Apps.

The first challenge in the local government’s digital transformation journey, was to design the ideal process and implement technical solutions in a way that even the most non-technical stakeholders could understand and follow. 

Empyrean worked with Bass Coast to identify the most efficient way to modernise their legacy processes. In collaboration with Nicola Glassey, Bass Coast Business Transformation Lead, Empyrean unpacked the goals and challenges of the priority applications. These included the; Project Charter; Onboarding; Permits (Signage, Events & Filming); and Hardship. The Empyrean consultants are highly experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform, so we were able to quickly understand what Bass Coast wanted to achieve and how we could build applications to solve their unique challenges. 


I found that Empyrean understood exactly what we were looking for and were able to ask the right questions and find a solution for us, quickly and efficiently.

Prior to introducing the applications, many Bass Coast processes were cumbersome and outdated. A reliance on word templates and paper forms meant that important steps would often be overlooked, resulting in additional complexity for council staff and their customers. Now that the applications have been released, Bass Coast is experiencing the following benefits: 

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Digital transformation outcomes

By transforming their legacy processes into Power Apps, the local government has increased efficiencies across team departments.The applications guide users and stakeholders through each process, so that they receive information that is relevant to them as well as prompts and workflows to ensure work progresses in a timely manner. For critical work such as the Capital Works Delivery program, the application improves the accuracy of project scopes, timelines and project planning. 

Better meeting the needs of local government stakeholders

Ratepayers and other community stakeholders are now able to easily interact with the council via automated online processes. Other features such as staff notifications and an audit trail mean that the council team is also able to uphold higher levels of customer service and data security. 

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