Scalable data systems

Scalable data systems

Scalable data systems for a global architectural firm 

A global architectural and consulting practice founded in Australia, engaged Empyrean to design and deliver a new data storage and management solution to better support their multi-national footprint.

The firm specialises in the design and planning of buildings across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, including aviation, transport, education, science, health, lifestyle, and sport.  

The organisation encompasses a team of over 850 experts working across 15 studios in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. The “Global Studio” model allows them to work collaboratively across time zones and borders, using the latest technology to share design intelligence and strengthen their knowledge base around the world. 

Identifying the best-fit scalable data system

The client was experiencing frustrations with their legacy Panzura solution, which they found was lacking scalability and agility as it was based on hardware appliances installed at every site. 

Empyrean’s consultants spent a lot of time collaborating with the client to deeply understand their requirements, to inform our technology recommendations.  

The consulting process included: 

  • An options analysis of the solutions in the market. 
  • A recommendation that a Talon/NetApp solution would be the best fit for the client. 
  • An extensive proof-of-concept of the Talon/NetApp solution.  
  • A solution Architecture of the end state solution. 
  • Implementation of the solution with the client.

Benefits of the new scalable data system

  • Increasing scalability and agility with a complete software-based solution. 
  • Reduced complexity by standardising to a single Cloud vendor. 
  • Standard SMB-based file sharing – enabling interoperability with other systems and freeing them from the vendor lock-in they had with Panzura, which uses a proprietary file-sharing protocol. 
  • True 24/7 global collaborative working environment where every user has rapid access to shared files of all sizes.  
  • The NetApp solution uses incremental block-level file sync, which means that it doesn’t suffer from performance deterioration for every new site like on the Panzura solution. 
  • Improved end user experience with enhanced performance and scalability –with new Lenovo Servers and All Flash storage at each location. 
  • File consolidation with enhanced data resiliency – by hosting their files on Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the client is protecting their business from downtime, data loss, data corruption and ransomware. This protection is supported for the locally cached data at all their branch offices, and they don’t need to invest any time or resources at the branch offices to setup or maintain enhanced data protection. 
  • Cloud storage costs were reduced by removing the requirement for a local backup solution at each studio. Talon automatically replicates all file data to the cloud, while taking advantage of ONTAP’s storage efficiencies and auto-tiering of infrequently accessed data to low-cost blob storage. 

Empyrean’s customer-led approach

We pride ourselves on being vendor-agnostic, so that our clients trust we’ll deliver the right fit solution for them, as opposed to the standard vendors. 

We’re leaders in technology solutions for architecture & design businesses, serving 3 of the top 4 firms in Australia.  

We’re Melbourne-based but have a global delivery footprint. 

We have over 10 years of industry experience with Architecture, Engineering and Construction. 

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